Back to Business Women’s Conference

Friday, September 23, 2022   9am – 5pm

virtual conference

for moms returning to the workforce

Back to Business Women’s Conference

Join us for an unforgettable day of workshops, talks and networking opportunities at the largest return-to-work conference in the Southeastern US.
Come spend the day with us – virtually – and let us prepare you with the confidence, job search skills and personal connections you’ll need to restart your career. If you’re a Mom returning to work, this event is for you!

You Will Grow

You will learn from experts in job search and hiring who will guide you through the process of restarting your career after taking time out of the paid workforce. You will hear about using LinkedIn effectively, how to network, and how to interview like a pro. Every talk is geared specifically toward women returning to work, so you’ll feel right at home here!

You Will Experience

You will experience the warmth and support of the Back to Business community. We’ve been guiding women back to the paid workforce since 2015 and we know that support and encouragement can make a big difference on this journey.  This event is designed to deliver just what you need – expert perspectives that will help you expedite your return to work.

You Will Be Inspired

This is a high-energy day-long event packed full of action-oriented talks to set you on your path back to work. We’ll have you all fired up about your next career move, becuause you’ll end the day with next steps, new connections and a sense of belonging to a community that gets it. You’ll have the opportunity to meet recruiters and hear about job openings.


You’ll learn from a variety of speakers, recruiters and coaches throughout the day. We’re planning in-depth workshops, shorter lightening talks, panels and breakout rooms to keep you engaged and learning the entire time. Check back here often as speakers are confirmed and the agenda gets finalized. 

You’ll also have a chance to make personal connections with recruiters from our sponsor companies as you enter their virtual booths and talk face-to-face.


Hear what people say about the Back to Business Women’s Conference


“The Back to Business conference was not only inspiring and engaging, but worthwhile. I entered the conference with an empty tool box and I left with it overflowing.”    -Catherine

“I would not have had the courage to do these things without your inspiration, Katie! So again, THANK YOU for taking the time to positively influence so many of us”      – Vicki

“Your conference has given me renewed focus, great networking ideas and a solid understanding of the hiring climate in the RTP area.”     – Kelly

“I owe a big THANK YOU to you and everyone involved with Back 2 Business because the conference gave me many things I needed at that time.  I met great people who inspired me to keep moving forward with a positive attitude.  I gained insight into how best to present myself on paper and in person.  Please know that your efforts are appreciated and I hope the Back 2 Business conference continues to inspire people for many years to come.”     -Laura

You and your team really have done it again! I truly enjoyed the conference and once more got tons of invaluable information in my job quest. This time around I’m more prepared and ready, and I’m actively seeking. The networking opportunity was great and I got some very good connections.”     -Anneli

“I wanted to follow up with you about the Back to Business conference and the impact it has had on my outlook and efforts.  Thank you for the time, energy and passion that you put into making the time worthwhile and productive.  I left the conference feeling confident that finding a job was possible, and that I needed put forth a more concentrated effort.  I have updated my resume, improved my LinkedIn profile and contacted people through LinkedIn.”     – Laura  

“The conference helped me to use job search time more wisely.  I abandoned job boards and instead targeted specific companies.  I focused intensively on networking instead of blindly applying to employers.  The week I accepted this offer I actually had 3 more interviews lined up because of this approach.

– The conference made me feel less alone and more confident, and that made all the difference when I was interviewing.

-The conference encouraged me to completely own my volunteering experience and use that in my job search.  That made a big difference, because instead of skipping over that part of my life (21 years), I used it in my job search and interview answers.  I found that when I respected it, potential employers respected it.

-I tracked down every single connection I made at the conference, and those connections led to other connections.  The opportunity for networking made a huge difference as well.”     -Elizabeth

Thank you so very much for touching the hearts and minds of so many by providing a much needed, excellent conference on how to most efficiently and effectively map a return to the workforce. You and you fellow speakers were informative and inspirational. The different stories shared were comforting and instructive.    – Jamesina


Thank you to our sponsors



What are the goals of this conference?

The Back to Business Women’s Conference has just 2 goals: 1 – prepare women returning to the paid workforce for that important transition by teaching them how to job search and connecting them to recruiters, and 2 – giving companies that want to hire career restarters access to an amazing talent pool of women.

Why is it virtual?

The world is still an uncertain place, and I decided I could best serve our community of women and sponsor companies if I was focused on putting together a great event that I was 100% certain would happen than if I was worried about the impact of the latest covid variant on large gatherings of people. Don’t get me wrong, I love meeting y’all in person, but going virtual with this conference took a lot of uncertainty out of the equation and has allowed me to focus on bringing you the best Back to Business Women’s Conference ever.

Is a virtual conference as good as an in-person conference?

There are advantages to being virtual – you don’t have to commute, the weather is unlikely to impact us (we’ve held our 2019 conference during a hurricane and had to reschedule at the last minute due to snow in 2020!), and it keeps costs down.

What will I learn? How will I benefit?

You will learn that the world needs your professional skills! We’ll bring you a day jam-packed with speakers that will share lessons related to building a great LinkedIn profile, effective networking, finding your focus as you return to work, regaining your professional confidence and much, much more. You’ll also benefit from many opportunities to expand your network, both by meeting fellow conference participants and by meeting representatives and recruiters form the companies that are partnering with us on this event. These personal connections are invaluable for job-seekers!

What is the format?

Since this is a virtual event, you’ll log onto the conference platform on the morning of September 23 in time for the conference to begin. You can establish your profile and then learn from talks, panels, and interactive sessions all day long. We’ll even have a networking event, during which you can go into our sponsor companies’ virtual booths to meet with recruiters from that company.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to participate?

Nope! It’s easy-peasy and help with be available should you need it.

What companies are participating?

RTI is our gold sponsor, Credit Suisse, WRAL Digital Solutions, NetApp and more …Check back on our website often as new sponsors get added.

How do I register?

Click here to access our registration page.

How much does it cost?

Tickets are $69. Since we are working hard to build our community this year, your $69 ticket will include a code for an additional free ticket that you can share with a friend. They must register in advance to use the ticket.

Why do I get an extra ticket?

We want to grow the Back to Business community, and we know that women are great at sharing good news. So take your extra ticket and give it to a friend in need of some return to work guidance so they can benefit from all that this group has to offer.

If I have attended before, should I attend again?

I’m going to go with a “heck yes” on this one. Each year our conference is different and we strive to improve with each event. You’ll learn new things from new speakers this year and while you may see a familiar face or two among our speakers, they will be presenting fresh new material that is adapted for the current job market of 2022.

How do I prepare?

First, register to secure your ticket. Then, research the companies that will be there. Get you resume ready so you can send it to employers you meet at the Conference. If you’re struggling with your resume, seek help via our “Build Your Return To Work Resume” digital course. Jot down your personal goal for what you hope to accomplish by attending this event.

How do I get the most out of this event?

Come ready to engage and participate! Don’t just sit back and listen – take notes, ask questions, comment in the chat, connect with speakers and participants, and enjoy yourself! Also, come dressed to be on camera so that you’re prepared to mingle during our networking event which will be the only camera-on part of the day.

Are men welcome?

Of course! This community is mostly women returning to work, but we welcome anyone who is restarting their career, regardless of their gender. 


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