Some of you may have some questions about the Back to Business Women’s Conference on Friday, February 21, so we’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions Guide to address some of them:

3A What is the Back to Business Women’s Conference?

The Back to Business Women’s Conference is a day-long event that brings together women who are transitioning back to work after a career break to educate them on how to conduct a successful job search, build community among women with a common goal and introduce these women to recruiters and hiring managers who want to hire them.

How do you know what women returning to work really need?

Because I was one!  I enjoyed the time I spent at home with our four children and I was grateful to have had the opportunity to take a break from my career while our children were little.  But when I was ready to go back to full-time work, I was surprised to discover how challenging it was!  So I created the Back to Business Women’s Conference to address the needs of women who have taken a career break.  I know what it’s like because I was one too!  This is a mission that is near and dear to my heart.

What if I don’t know anybody else going?

Then you’re perfect for The Back to Business Women’s Conference!  This is a great opportunity to meet tons of new women who are making the same transition as you.  You’ll leave with lots of new connections, some of whom may be able to help you get your next job.  We’re all about helping and supporting each other and you’ll be in great company.  We’re building a community of local women who can encourage and inspire each other and we’d love you to join our family!

What if I’m not ready to go back to work just yet?

This conference serves women in all stages of readiness with respect to returning to work.  Some of the women who have attended in the past were just starting to consider a return to the paid workforce and they benefited tremendously.  They learned how to find a job in the digital age, made new friends and connections to encourage them along the way and had the opportunity to meet employers face to face.  This year you’ll be guided through our resume workshop, get your photo done for your LinkedIn profile and learn how to network effectively, among other things.  These will all help you re-enter the workforce whenever you’re ready.

What if I’ve been looking for a job for a while already?

You’ll benefit from learning new job search strategies and from some very practical advice that is specific to women with a career gap. Finding a job is hard work and it can be really helpful to hear new ideas. Our speakers and panelists are all familiar with the challenges women face as they return to the workforce and will have some spot-on guidance for handling just about every step of this process.

How long is registration open?

Until the conference fills up!  We’ll need to finalize our headcount, so registration will close in advance of the February 21 conference date.  We expect a sold-out crowd this year so don’t wait until the last minute.  Register now to reserve your place.

What if I’m thinking of starting my own business and don’t want a corporate job?

There were quite a few women who attended our previous conferences and went on to start their own businesses.  The workshops we present during the conference will help you gain clarity around your past experience and your mission going forward and regain your professional confidence.   These are all things that will help an entrepreneur be directed and focused when she approaches investors, clients and anyone else important to her business.

What did women have to say who attended a previous Back to Business Women’s Conference?

“The Back to Business conference was not only inspiring and engaging, but worthwhile. I entered the conference with an empty tool box and I left with it overflowing.”

“Your conference has given me renewed focus, great networking ideas and a solid understanding of the hiring climate in the RTP area.”

“The various speakers helped me to rethink the kinds of jobs that could be open to me, so I started looking for different positions.  Once I opened up the possibilities, technical recruiting became an option for me and led me to this job.”

“The conference helped me to use job search time more wisely.  I abandoned job boards and instead targeted specific companies.  I focused intensively on networking instead of blindly applying to employers.  The week I accepted this offer I actually had 3 more interviews lined up because of this approach.”

“The conference made me feel less alone and more confident, and that made all the difference when I was interviewing.”

“There were several phrases and some rewording that I gleaned from the sessions that helped me to really strengthen my resume and condense it.”

“The conference encouraged me to completely own my volunteering experience and use that in my job search.”

Why do you have corporate sponsors?

Our corporate sponsors are some terrific organizations with operations here in the Raleigh area.  They understand that there are lots of talented women out there who have taken a break from their careers and now want to return to work, and these organizations value what you bring to the table as candidates.  They have open positions that they want to talk to you about.

Credit Suisse is our gold sponsor and has led the way as a company with their Real Returns returnship program,  a structured way to re-hire women who have taken a career break.  Our corporate sponsors will be at the conference to meet you during the conference networking event from 4-5pm.  This is your chance to connect face-to-face with local companies who are hiring right now!

What are the Table Topics I see on the agenda?

This is a session that will allow you to participate in small-group discussions on topics of interest to women returning to work.  We’ll have a moderator leading each discussion and we’ll be covering topics such as “How To Position Yourself As A Career Switcher”, “Conducting Informational Interviews”  and many more.  The only downside is that you’ll have to choose just 3!

Do I need to complete my resume before the conference?

No!  Our goal is for you to leave the conference with some great ideas for updating your resume!  We strongly encourage you to get a draft started and to bring that draft to the conference.  You’ll have the opportunity to work on it as our resume expert Mir Garvey walks us through resume creation with a focus on how to handle the gap in your work history.

Do I have to wear a suit to the conference?

No. We encourage you to dress for professional success and to use the conference as an occasion to dust off your professional attire and get comfortable in it again.  When you go out on an interview, we want you to look professional and The Back to Business Women’s Conference is a great place to try it all out.  Rule of thumb: Dress for success, in however that feels comfortable to you!

Do I have to pay extra for the professional photos or resume workshop?

No!  Your registration fee covers everything: breakfast, lunch, professional headshots, resume workshop, dynamic speakers, intros to local employers…everything!  It’s time to invest in you!


The next Back to Business Women’s Conference will be on Friday,February 21st.  More information including the Agenda and Speakers can be found on the Conference page.

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