Build Your Return To Work Resume Digital Course

Your resume is your most important job search tool. Let’s get it right.

My goal is to help you get back to work as quickly as possible, and your resume is a critical step in that process.

Having a resume you feel proud of is like taking a giant step toward your next job.

I’ve got a step-by-step method I’ll walk you through to get your resume written quickly.

Your resume should portray you in the best possible light, showcasing your work experience, broadcasting your potential for future success and clearly telling a hiring manager why they should interview you. If you’ve taken time off from your career and are now ready to rejoin the paid workforce, it’s time to get that resume in gear! 

You’re probably wondering:

  • “How do I handle my career gap on my resume?”
  • “How do I write a profile statement that sums up my career?” 
  • “Should I include the year I earned my degree?”

I’ve got answers to all of these questions and more! I’ll walk you through every section of your resume and tell you exactly what information to include. Let’s do this together!

I’ll be sharing my proven process for building your return-to-work resume. It includes insider tips and expert advice from my time as a recruiter & a career coach.



This easy-to-follow digital course will walk you through the steps of building your resume. This isn’t standard resume advice – it’s tailored to women returning to the workforce.  This course will help you put together a resume that acknowledges your career break but doesn’t dwell on it. It will help you position your time out of the paid workforce as an asset to your professional development.

The 5 modules include:

1 – Focus your resume on your future job, not on your past

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to point your resume to the future and how to find and use the keywords that will get you noticed. You will use one of my resume templates to immediately start the work of building your best resume.

2 – Position your career break on your resume

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to fill in the gap in your paid work experience and how to write a profile statement for your resume that tells your career story in a compelling way.  

3 – Nail your content in every section of your resume

What you’ll learn: We’ll walk through your resume section by section, filling in the most relevant information that will position you for success in your job search. We’ll talk about what to leave off your resume to ensure it’s a modern representation of your best professional self.

4 – Write resume bullets focused around your accomplishments

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn a process for writing bullet points that describe your most important career accomplishments.

5 – Test and revise

What you’ll learn: I’ll share my favorite tools for testing your resume and tips on how to save, share and make the most of your most important job search tool.

Cost: $79.00



Build Your Return-To-Work Resume is your ticket to a winning resume and you can’t win the job search game without a strong resume.

The best part: Writing your own resume will leave you intimately familiar with every word on the page – and you’ll need to be able to speak to each and every bullet point when you are interviewing. As your experience and skillset grow and change, you’ll be able to easily update your resume because you built it from scratch.

And at $79, this is a much more cost-effective solution than paying someone else hundreds of dollars to do all the work.


Build Your Return-To-Work Resume is for you if you’ve been out of the paid workforce for a time (it doesn’t matter how long!) and you’re ready to restart your career. Looking for a job after a career break requires a different kind of job search and everything we do is geared toward getting you back to work.

Whether you’ve got an older resume that needs modernizing and updating or you are starting from the very beginning with your resume, this is the course that will lead you step-by-step through the process of building a resume that sets you up for success.

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