Dina has been in technical recruiting for 10 years and she’s agreed to join us today to walk us through the process of doing a technical interview, and this is really important. It’s different from a behavioral interview.

This is the part of the interview at a tech company where they will be actively testing your tech skills, and so you want to be at the top of your game. You want to know exactly what to expect and how to prepare and be able to shine in this part of the interview. 

The first thing Dina would say is to ask your recruiter questions:

  •  What to expect in the interview. 
  • Who are you going to be meeting with? 
  • If you can get their titles, if not, take their names and try to look them up on LinkedIn to get a better understanding.
  • Appropriate attire.

The recruiter is on your side and they want to see you succeed. 

During the assessment portion of the interview, you will be reviewing your answers with the interviewer(s).

They are looking to see “Why” did you do it that way? But, also they want to see that level of excitement. They want to see how you think about everything. Eventually in the interview, you can expect to not know the answer. Clearly articulate your thought process to get there? Be okay saying, gosh, I don’t, I don’t know this, but here’s how I might go and figure that out. Or here are some of the sources of information I go to when I get stumped like this.

Remember interviews are two-sided. It’s not just them interviewing you, it’s you interviewing them. Is this the person? Is this the kind of team you want to be on? The technology you want to work on?

Dina, besides being a master at technical recruiting, also does lots of other things, including being the author of a book, and I love this title. “My fat pants don’t fit.”

The book is being released in early to mid-June and is the story of her life. It starts on the worst day of my life and follows her on a journey of losing 150 pounds getting divorced, falling in love, falling out of love, and ultimately finding like self-love and acceptance. 

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