Farnoosh Brock went from electrical engineer and rising leader at a fortune 100 tech company to being a coach. Speaker, author and sales trainer in 2011 when she started her company, Prolific Living, her work around crucial conversations and trusted relationships inside the serving mindset framework has helped many businesses and individuals to raise their income, influence, and impact.

In addition to her latest book, The Serving Mindset. Stop Selling and Grow Your Business, Farnoosh is the creator of the Crack the Code to Get Promoted corporate leadership and advancement course, as well as the author of three health books and a wellness program. She is also an avid yoga practitioner, an amateur golfer, and a world traveler.

Farnoosh and Katie discuss that the first step to determining where to enter the workforce is to ask “Why you want to reenter the workforce.”

Getting really clear on that helps you to get to know yourself, understand what’s important to you at this stage and what is going to energize and invigorate you at your next role.

Sometimes people know what they DON’T want to do, but they don’t know what they do want to do. To find the answer to this question, start by doing an assessment of your skills and abilities. Then ask if you are passionate about it. If you are both skilled and passionate that is an area to focus on finding a role. That’s the intersection of your skills and passions.  That is your zone of genius.

The statistics used to be that people would have seven different jobs over the course of their career, but now the numbers say that people will have seven different careers over the course of their working years.

As your deciding what type of work to go back to, it can be helpful to ask about each of your skills: “Is this energizing me?” That’s a great question to really help guide you toward doing work that you’re happy doing. 

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