1 – Learn how to ask: Warming up cold emails: from Keith Ferrazzi in Never Eat Alone •       Use an interesting subject line: lead with your connection or your value prop•       Be Brief and Conversational: Write your note, then cut it in half•       Have a clear call to action: Request 15 minutes on the phone and offer suggested dates and times•       Be grammatically perfect Sample email: Hi Beth, I have a favor to ask: I‘m looking to go back to work full-time and saw a Digital Marketing Manager position at BB&T posted on LinkedIn.  I know you have successfully juggled work and family for many years and would love to chat about BB&T and see if you can share any information about the position that I’ve applied for.  I’m always up for grabbing a cup of coffee but if a phone call fits into your schedule better then that would be great too.  I’ve pasted the job posting below.  I’ve also attached my resume so you can get a feel for my background.  Thanks for any help you can provide!  My request:I have an interview tomorrow for a job at Company with Sean and I saw on LinkedIn that you are connected to him. Just wondering if you have any background on him and what he’s like?  Thanks for the inside scoop!
I went to business school with him and worked with him right after school.  He lives two blocks away from us.  I’ll call him! Tip for writing a great email;  Write your email and then cut it in half Use email finder websites like hunter.io to get your message through – this is not stalking! 2 – Master the 15-minute networking call: 

  1. Greet & Introduce
  2. Be thankful 
  3. Position the meeting as valuable to them
  4. Describe your agenda & confirm

Ask thoughtful, open-ended questions starting your questions with phrases like:

  1. Tell me about…
  2. My research shows…
  3. Describe to me…
  4. Why…

Ask about

  1. New initiatives
  2. Business drivers 
  3. How they got there
  4. Career advice

This is not the time to ask for a job! You are building a relationship and gathering information.Convey your messages and share information 

  1. What 3 things do you want them to remember about you?
  2. Use your research to share information
  3. Ask for advice

“Here’s my plan for finding a job in software development. Can you think of anything else I should be doing? Who else should I speak with?”
Wrap it up, take notes and follow up 

  1. End the meeting on time with a thank you & a reminder
  2. After the meeting, immediately jot down notes
  3.  Follow up

Use your notes to write a personal thank you emailFollow up again after they’ve made an introduction, you’ve read the book they suggested, etc. 3 – Get Active on LinkedIn Like ShareCommentJoin GroupsConnect to people you don’t know Connection request: Hi, xx,I’d like to connect so I can continue to follow your success.Thank you. Hi, xx,I’m currently conducting a job search. I’ve always been interested in your company and would like to get connected so I can learn more about what you’re doing.Thank you.

Now that you know how to adapt your job search to a virtual job search, go do it. I believe in you.

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