My guest is Karen Weeks, SVP of People at Ordergroove in New York City. Karen is a career switcher herself, having started in theatre and now working in HR, coaching, and teaching at Baruch College in New York. She’s also got her own podcast called “Getting Off the Hamster Wheel.”
Together, Karen and I tackle the challenge of making a career pivot. She’s got tons of great tips, including these 3 steps you can take to make a new start in a different career: 

  1. Figure out why you feel stuck and where you want to go
  2. Determine what skills you already have that you can apply to this new field
  3. Start talking about it! Do informational interviews, join organizations, read up, share articles and brand yourself as someone knowledgeable in the field. 

Let’s face it, changing careers can be tricky! Karen also offers advice for how you can actually show on your resume that you’re a person with a growth mindset who takes the initiative to learn new skills. If you’re going to start in a new field, you’ll definitely need to impress a hiring manager with your willingness to learn.
Find Karen Weeks on LinkedIn or at Weeks247.comListen to her podcast “Getting Off the Hamster Wheel” here

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