“When we look at ourselves, we don’t see the value that other people can see. Especially when we get a focus on, the “mom lens.” We think everyone’s going to view us through the mom lens because our life is lived through the mom lens, right? We’re always taking care of our kids. We’re always thinking about them. We’re always worried about them.”

When it was time for Ellen to return to the job force she started doing what she called the indeed death scroll. She would say “I can’t do that one.” Not qualified for that one. Etc.

In the meantime, she picked up freelance projects because she liked to keep busy. She learned Ruby on rails, a new programming language. She built a SAS and started a company. All while she was looking for jobs thinking “Who would hire me?” Ellen believes many women share her experience.

She decided to go back to school to get her graduate degree. In hindsight, she feels it worked out well for her but she used it as her confidence crutch. She didn’t need to do that to return to the workforce, that mentality was in her head.

I understood the importance of confidence, so I really couldn’t shake that feeling of how I could go from being so confident to not confident. That is why I founded You are techY.

You do not know what flexibility is being offered until you investigate and pursue it.

How did you start You are techY?

You are techY grew organically from a local Raleigh, NC MeetUp where amazing women (mostly moms) would share their life and work story at the corner coffee shop. 

After hearing them say, “I worked in IT for 25 years or I have a masters degree in Computer Science, but I’m not really very techy”, I would stand up and shout across the table YOU ARE TECHY! Tech offers meaningful, flexible, well-paid work and NO you don’t have to learn to code (but I know YOU can). We have the resources and community you need to land your dream job!

Tips for regaining your professional confidence.

1. Write it down.

Journaling is a powerful way to grow in your relationship with your own thoughts. Write down your answers for interviews. Visualize the success you want to have. Exactly what is the job look like that you want to have? What does it feel like to have that job? What’s your commute? How are you adjusting at home? etc.  Grow in your relationship with yourself.

2. Do the work.

Build your competencies. Do a little bit every day. Give yourself some grace, be patient, and you will get there. Get the skills that you need. Be selective and try to remain focused. Employers are not looking for people who know everything. They are looking for people who can learn.

If you convince yourself, everyone else will follow. – Ellen Twomey

3. Remember your victories

Keep a file of thank you notes and meaningful experiences you can reflect on.

Now that you know how to boost your professional confidence after a break in your career, go do it. I believe in you.

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