She shares some creative ideas developed through her experience as a Certified Professional Career Coach and a Certified Professional Resume Writer. Amanda is also the resident career expert for TopResume and previously served as the media spokesperson at Ladders where she provided guidance for professionals looking to improve their careers. 
Amanda shares the idea that job seeking is a sales and marketing exercise. You are the product, so being able to articulate what your brand stands for is critical. We also talk about some of the crowdsourced spreadsheets that have been created and circulated as people generously help each other out in this difficult job market. 
In this episode, we dig into the importance of building online rapport as you expand your network of personal and professional connections. Also, use your social media to spread the word about what you’re great at and focus on the value you have to offer.
Don’t miss Amanda’s advice on the “Power of 3” – using job boards, recruiters and your personal network to uncover job leads – because relying on just one of these is not enough to bring you success in your job search. 
Here are links to the resources mentioned in this episode (with thanks to Amanda Augustine for cultivating this list!):This article provides a list of crowdsourced resources, as well as job boards and apps that focus on remote jobs:
Some of my favorites are:

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To find professional associations:

To find a recruiter (without a Google search or without going through a job board/social media): 

To find networking events and job fairs:

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