Are you wondering how to find a job in our current job market? This episode is for you. Will Barfield has been helping people find jobs in the Triangle and all over the country for years.

Barfield Revenue Consulting (BRC) is a multi-faceted resource for both organizations and individuals in search of ways to increase revenue. Whether the need is to recruit and hire key talent, internal sales and/or recruiter training, executive coaching, or assistance with resume repair and job placement, BRC has the tools and the expertise needed to help raise your revenue.

Katie and Will discuss how this recession is different from the 2008 recession and which NC business will likely bounce back quickly and which ones may have a difficult season ahead.

They also discuss the need for improvement in online learning platforms for students in the times of COVID-19.

Bart discusses various businesses who are doing well during COVID-19 and which ones have successfully pivoted their business model to adapt to the changing times. Some companies have risen to the top of the pack and it’s been surprising that their business has grown during COVID-19.

It is clear that young people today have never experienced anything like this pandemic and the pending recession. This is going to lead to a very different job market. Will points out how in this “new normal” you need to take the job that you have done and find the core things that made you happy and use that information to find another job like that.

It is okay to ask people for help. If you’ve found yourself recently unemployed or looking for new employment don’t do it on your own. Reach out to your network of professionals, friends, and family to assist you in your next chapter.

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