NetWorkWise is, is essentially this premier education platform in the learning and development space, which provides knowledge, tools, and resources to cultivate world-class relationships through professional networking.

 “|Luck is the residue of hard work. 
And the types of work that I did was what a lot of people would call networking. It’s all about building, these amazing relationships. And I was fortunate enough to have surrounded myself with some amazing people. All of the successes that I have had, and I’ve had a lot of failures too. Don’t get me wrong, but. All of the successes I’ve had have had really nothing to do with me, but they’ve all like, I really attribute them all just to these amazing people that I’ve surrounded myself with. – Adam Connors”

A lot of people don’t really know what networking is or why we should do it. Adam breaks down what networking is and it’s benefits.

Networking is taking a proactive approach to relationship development with the ultimate goal of benefiting someone else. It’s not, about what can I yet. That’s not it. You don’t network for need. HIt’s about the connection. Fostering that, building those relationships. That’s networking.

There’s no question that your network is the single most valuable resource for a successful job search. Hands down. I mean, the hidden job market is found in your network.

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