As Dawn says, “Switchers are the future of work.” Meaning, everyone making a career or job change of any kind is switching things up in their career and will benefit from the ideas Dawn shares. As the job market trends away from traditional roles, job seekers need to be even more creative in the way they market themselves to future employers. 
Dr. Dawn and I talked about some of the specific strategies she recommends in her book for career switchers, particularly those returning to work after a career break. Join us as talk through: 

  • Spotlighting transferable skills (tip: “soft skills aren’t soft anymore”)
  • Having a Plan A that is very specific and focused (check out Dr. Dawn’s Bullseye Brainstorming Worksheet on pgs 68-69 of Switchers – it’s amazing!)
  • Making a stepping stone switch (a very effective strategy for career relaunchers in particular)

Dr. Dawn also shares what she sees as the benefits of our current Covid situation to career switchers. This crisis has forced change on the job market and she sees some opportunity for career switchers in all of that change. 
As Dr. Dawn says, “clarity comes through action.” So if you’ve been thinking about making a career switch, pick up a copy of Switchers and listen to this episode of the Get A Job, Here’s How! podcast to get your action plan in gear.
Here’s where you can find Dr. Dawn Graham:Her website: @DrDawnGrahamDawn’s TEDx Talk is a must-watch for career switchers: Your Next Job Is One Conversation Away

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