Podcast: How To Survive Getting A Divorce and Returning to Work

I’ve met a lot of women who are returning to work in the midst of getting a divorce. Many of them never expected to be in this position and suddenly find themselves dealing with the loss of a marriage and the end of their career as a stay-at-home-mom. 
I’ve always wanted to acknowledge the challenges faced by women getting divorced and returning to work simultaneously, but never felt like I knew enough about it. Not to worry, my guest Sarah Hink, a partner at New Direction Family Law knows everything about this!
Sarah and I talk about divorce settlements, alimony, child support, going to court and working it out. She’s seen a lot of women through divorce and seen that you really can come out the other side.
Sarah and I tackle the question of how getting a job before your divorce is final will impact your settlement, what happens if one spouse has been unfaithful and how to carve out money for upskilling in preparation for returning to work.
A friend going through a divorce shared this wisdom with me: In the midst of a difficult divorce she realized that it was completely up to her to carve out her future and that no one else will share the credit or the blame, so she better make it good. 
Anyone going through a divorce and trying to conduct a job search has a lot to deal with! Support groups can help with the emotional turmoil, so be sure to seek one out. And don’t forget that the steps of a job search still involve networking, having solid job search tools (resume) and presenting yourself as a professional. You can do it!
You can find Sarah Hinks at New Direction Family Law at https://newdirectionfamilylaw.com/

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