Jeremy’s courses and training on tech careers and LinkedIn are used by over 60 schools and 10K students around the globe – from UNC to the Australian Graduate School of Management. He’s been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Lifehacker, Business Insider, and USA Today. That’s pretty impressive. So Jeremy is not only a real expert in helping others land a tech job, he himself made a career change from being a kindergarten teacher to becoming a product manager early on in his career. Jeremy has worked at Apple, and LinkedIn among other cool places and is now the Principal Product Marketing Manager at Khan Academy. Khan Academy happens to be my favorite resource for help with math homework that my kids are doing that I no longer understand.   Jeremy had a passion for teaching and considered himself to be a self-proclaimed tech nerd and was looking for a way to combine his passions. When he discovered that people without a background in programming and writing code, did, in fact, have a seat at the table in tech organizations and that there were so many types of tech companies beyond what most people consider to be the big organizations he wanted to help others break into the tech field as well. “You might’ve been like me, you might’ve said, if I want to get a job at Google, I have to have gone to Stanford or Harvard. But now with a simple search on LinkedIn, you can find out that 8,000 Googlers went to community college and you could find the exact one who went to your school and reach out to get your foot in the door.” – Jeremy Tell us about one cool way you see technology improving our lives.  Jeremy tells us how to land a job in tech and he’s got 3 steps to share with us.  1) How to understand the different tech roles 2) How to find the right role for you3) How to break into that role Listen as Jeremy breaks down the 12 roles in a tech company through a story of Apple’s development of an electric car. And none of them require technical expertise! 
You can find Jeremy online at If you’re serious about working in tech, especially if you’re making a career change to work in tech, you have to look Jeremy up and take advantage of the great courses and resources he has created. He’s got the formula. Don’t fight it, just go get it! 
Listeners, now that you know how to land a job in tech, go do it! I believe in you!

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