In this episode, we discuss the three steps on how you can leverage your uniqueness as a competitive advantage in your job search.

Danielle Pavliv is a Sr. Diversity & Inclusion Manager at SAS where she serves as a thought leader and strategist promoting and executing global diversity & inclusion strategies. She’s passionate about creating positive change, advocacy, and inclusion of underrepresented groups in the workplace and community. Danielle has two Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish & French from NC State University and a Master’s in Human Resource Management from the University of Southern California. She is also a Certified Diversity Professional. Danielle lives in Apex with her fur babies: dog, Sugar, cats, Smokey and Mr. Man, and her husband, Matt.

Diversity and inclusion feel like kind of, they were the big buzzwords in 2019 but Danielle was interested in this and working on it long before then.

Danielle shares her story about how she found her career in the field of diversity and inclusion, or really how it found her. She sought out working at her current company because of their views on diversity and inclusion.

We discuss the topic of neurodiversity and why it is a benefit to our workplaces.

The first step is to lean into your uniqueness and be your authentic self from the get-go.

Sometimes we go into an interview and we’re a little buttoned up and we just show sort of the nice shiny parts of us and we leave some of our uniqueness behind and think, well, I just got to get in the door there. And Danielle is suggesting to have that a little more on display or be a little more open.

What if you are a candidate who is considered neurodiverse? If you are on the autism spectrum or Asperger’s or ADHD? Danielle addresses this topic.

The second step is using your advantage to show your potential employer the value that you bring.

The third step is to be a champion and an advocate.

Danielle talks about why being an advocate and an ally for yourself and for others helps every. Not only you, but your organization, and other people who need help breaking down silos, barriers, and stereotypes.

Thank you for joining us for this episode of the Get a Job, Here’s How, now that you know how to leverage uniqueness as your competitive advantage, go do it. I believe in you.

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