Is a multigenerational workforce a new thing? What’s different now is that as of 2016 we now have five distinct generations in the workforce. People are working and living much later in their lives. There are more Americans over 85 in the workplace than ever before.

What’s the impact on the office when you have that many generations working at the same time. Although generations are only one aspect of what people are, things like communication, experience, provide opportunities.

A good manager is a good manager, despite the generation, but today’s managers are pioneers into a new workforce.

 “So it’s not about doing it all the old way or all the new way. It’s about the combinations of having a toolkit that combines the best of every era’s different ways of working to find a diversity of styles in your management toolkit.” – Lindsey

We discuss all the recent research about women leaving the workforce in large numbers in 2020. Institutional and governmental solutions are needed. This is not sustainable.

Lindsey talks about her new book
Recalculating:The Covid-19 pandemic has upended job hunting and career planning forever. Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work is your personal GPS to succeeding today and into the future.

We discuss Lindsey’s predictions about what the workplace looks like after COVID-19.

We discuss how working from home impacts career advancement and opportunities.

  1. Look at your culture and what is valued and think about how you can show your value.
  2. Get more comfortable tooting your own horn
  3. Personal branding is still very important
  4. The relationship that matters more is your direct manager

We discuss the loss of people who are entering the workforce during this time that never experienced the traditional experience of working in an office and those starting their careers virtually. 

“I think we have to really take time to mourn what we’re losing as much as thinking about the future.” – Lindsey

We talk about how job seekers have had to adapt during 2020. 

  1. Don’t stop getting out there and applying for jobs
  2. You have to adapt to the new ways people are interviewing, figure out how to get good at it.


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