Meet the Team

We’re excited about the many options open to women as they balance fulfilling careers with family responsibilities.  We also understand the challenges and difficult choices women face as they navigate career transitions because we’ve lived through them too. And while we’re grateful for those choices, we’ve realized that sometimes we all need help transitioning through them.

Michelle Dawson
Managing Editor

Michelle keeps Back to Business social and on the cutting edge with her expertise in social media and digital advertising. She’s full of great ideas and recently started her own venture called Family Bedtime to help families bond every day as their children grow.

Michelle Lombana
Director of Operations

Our other Michelle is essentially the “Director of Everything.” She finds great companies to sponsor the Back to Business Women’s Conference and gets the word out to women about the Back to Business Women’s Conference. Michelle is also an entrepreneur and started College Swimming Guide to simplify the college recruiting process for high school swimmers.

Marla Wolf
Director of Corporate Sponsorships

Marla works on finding awesome companies who share our mission to join us as corporate sponsors. Marla attended the 2015 Back to Business Women’s Conference and joined our team shortly thereafter.

Erin Simanksis
Media Coordinator

Erin handles PR and media outreach for Back to Business. She’s a skilled writer and expert at getting the right story into the right reporter’s hands.

Katie Dunn

Katie started Back to Business in 2015 after spending 12 years out of the full-time workforce and experiencing first-hand the challenges of restarting a career. Katie realized that the business world was missing out on an incredible pool of talented women by overlooking those that had taken a career break. Drawing on her own experience as well as that of the many other smart women she knows who want to re-enter the workforce, Katie developed the Back to Business Women’s Conference. Katie also exercises her passion for preparing great talent to find great jobs as Associate Director in the MBA Career Management Center at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School.

We are energized by our desire to honor the choices that women make to balance career and family by helping them get back to business when the time is right.  We’ve met with  Raleigh and Chapel Hill area recruiters, hiring managers, educators and career counselors to identify the most essential skills that professional women in the workplace need today.  We’ve also researched the most cutting-edge tools being used in business.  The result is the Back to Business Women’s Conference – the first of its kind in the Raleigh-Durham area.  The Back to Business Women’s Conference is the definitive refresher course on all things business that you do not want to miss.

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