I understand the challenges of returning to work after a career break, because I’ve been there!

After being out of the full-time workforce for 13 years so I could spend my time with our four young children, I started a full-time position in 2015. And I love it!

I have to admit the whole time I was job-searching, I had mixed feelings. I wondered if this was really the right time. Would my co-workers value my professional skills? Would an employer understand that I plan to give 110% at the office, but that my family will always be my first priority? Would our children survive if I wasn’t around all the time? Would we ever eat a home-cooked meal again?

Here’s the answer to all those questions – a resounding YES!

During my interview for the position, I was asked about my ability to multi-task and juggle multiple responsibilities. I gave my business answer, but couldn’t resist adding “…and I do have four children, so multi-tasking is pretty second-nature to me.” My interviewer laughed and said “Well, maybe you can teach us how it’s done then!” I knew then that I’d be valued not just for what I can do, but also for who I am. I am a working mom!

I started Back to Business to help women restart their careers and to help companies benefit from the amazing talent pool represented by women who are relaunching their careers. I believe that with the right skill updates, appropriate focus and an enthusiastic community of support, every woman can return to a fulfilling career.

You’ll find a wealth of information here to assist and motivate you during your journey – articles on relevant topics, MeetUps, workshops, the annual Conference and more.

You got this – good luck!