Join Us for These Upcoming Events to Jumpstart Your Job Search:

Wednesday, 8/16 7pm – Back to Business MeetUp featuring Relaunch Panelists Marla Wolf, Lea Ann Troiano, Petra Wiggins, Larissa Muchnick and Jeannine Herrick sharing tips from their job search and experience.

Tuesday, 9/12 10am – Back to Business MeetUp where I will share the steps, tools and tips needed to prepare you to return to work.  Even if you already have the ball rolling on your job search, you’ll get something out of this and maybe even be able to share some words of wisdom.

Wednesday, 10/4 10amBack to Business MeetUp including relaunchers in various stages of their job search sharing best practices and how they are handling their individual situations.

Thursday, 10/26 Reunion/Welcome Kickoff Conference Happy Hour  More details to come.

Friday, 10/27 Back to Business Conference  More details to come.

More events will be announced soon.

The Back to Business Story

We understand the challenges of returning to work after a career break, because we’ve been there. Founder Katie Dunn started Back to Business to help women restart their careers and to help companies benefit from the amazing talent pool represented by women who are relaunching their careers.  Back to Business believes that with the right skill updates, appropriate focus and an enthusiastic community of support, every woman can return to a fulfilling career.

The Back to Business Women's Conference

Our largest event each year is the Back to Business Women’s Conference, held in Research Triangle Park, NC in October.  We bring together local women who are interested in restarting their careers with resume experts, professional coaches and skill-building exercises that prepare them to execute a successful job search.  The Conference concludes with a networking event with our corporate sponsors which gives conference attendees and recruiters interested in this high-potential talent pool the opportunity to meet and talk about available jobs.  This is where the magic happens!

Take the First Step

Join our mailing list below to receive notifications of Back to Business events, job search tips and job postings.  We’re proud to host the largest return-to-work event in the South and want to help you with your transition back to the paid workforce.  Returning to work can be daunting, but we’re here to help guide you through the process and spread the news to companies about the untapped pool of talented women who are eager to restart their careers.


The conference gave me the confidence to know that the business community is now taking women returning to the workforce seriously and views women like us as an untapped resource.


I was very impressed with the conference, and it was very helpful to me in realizing my goals to start my own business.


I’m personally thankful for the conference last year as I was just building up my other work, and used some of the tips and advice I learned to move that forward. Things have been going so well that in March I created my own LLC!



Each year we work with a select group of sponsors who support our mission of providing a path back to the workforce for qualified women.  Thank you to the companies who generously supported the 2016 Back to Business Women’s Conference.  


In partnership with Morrisville Chamber of Commerce


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