Charting Your Course Back to Work

How To Get Direction To Restart Your Career

If you need help setting the right career goal and aiming in the right direction as you return to work, this is the course for you!

This is the process I use with my private coaching clients, available for the first time in a digital course.

I loved the time I spent out of the paid workforce raising our four children.  When I was ready to return to work, I was unsure of my direction and wasted a lot of time looking for roles that I simply didn’t have the skill set for.

I worked in marketing before I had children – and while I was busy raising 4 kids, the entire field of marketing went digital and all the tools that marketers use changed! I had to chart a new path back to work for myself, and it took a lot of reflection to find it.

Now I’m streamlining that process for you with Charting Your Course Back to Work.

If you’ve been on a career break for any length of time, you know that taking that first step toward restarting your career can be the hardest. 

Deciding where to plug back into the paid workforce can be tricky! This course will help you set a direction based on your skills, strengths, interests and motivations. You’ll also learn how to research the job market to find the right fit for you.

I’ll show you how to take an inventory of your accomplishments, identify your key skills and match them up to today’s job market.

Then you can on with the business of restarting your career, confident that you are moving in the right direction.

I know you are eager to regain your professional self and use your education and your expertise to earn an income that will support your family. Let’s work together to get you there.

I’m Katie Dunn. I’m a mom to 4, wife, career coach, entrepreneur, podcaster and huge advocate of working moms. And while I’ve always been a working mom, I spent many years working at being a mom rather than working outside my home in a full-time, paid job. When my kids got a little older and I was ready to go back to the paid workforce, I was surprised and saddened to realize how difficult it was to make that transition.

So I started Back to Business to help other women return to the workforce after a career break. Back to Business began as a conference in Raleigh, NC. I created an event that brought together women who wanted to return to work with experts who could educate them on how to conduct their job search and with companies who were interested in hiring them. And guess what? It worked!

Back to Business has evolved into an educational company whose goal is to help women return to work after a career break. We teach women how to job search, because I know that returning to work after a break requires a different kind of job search.  

I think being a mom is the most important job you’ll ever have, so I want to help women have the flexibility in their lives to take a career break if they want to and then be able to return to the paid workforce. It’s about honoring and respecting the work we do as mothers, and making it possible for a career to accommodate the different phases of a woman’s life.

Welcome! I’m really glad you’re here.

There are so many potential paths you can take to get back to work, and you want to know how to decide which one will be right for you.

 After all, it’s hard to chase a goal if you haven’t clearly defined what that goal is!

 The #1 question I am asked from women restarting their careers is,  “how do I decide what type of job to pursue as I return to work?”

You need clarity, and you need it fast!

Charting Your Course Back to Work is here to help. 

This course consists of 5 easy-to-follow video modules that you can do on your own time. They will encourage you to reflect on what you enjoy doing and what you’re good at.

You’ll complete this course with a sense of confidence in who you are and where you’re going next. 

I’ll be sharing my proven process for finding direction as you restart your career. It includes insider tips and expert advice from my years as a career coach.



This easy-to-follow digital course will walk you through the steps of determining your best path forward as you restart your career.  The best part about it is that it’s tailored to women returning to the workforce. I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve also coached lots of women through this process. 

The 5 modules include:

1 – Introduction

What you’ll learn: We’ll get started with a brief course overview so you’ll know what to expect in each module. I’m excited to take you through this course and hope you’re jazzed about it too!

2 – Completing the Charting Your Course Back to Work Form

What you’ll learn: I’ve got a worksheet for you to fill out that will ask you to identify your biggest accomplishments, your skills and your motivation for returning to work. You’ll also start researching the types of jobs that match up to the skills you identified. You didn’t think you could just sit back and coast through this, did you? This course requires your active participation, and you’ll be rewarded at the end with the clarity that you need to move forward toward the right career.

3 – Reflecting On Your Responses

What you’ll learn: Through a series of reflection questions, we’ll dig into your responses on the Charting Your Course worksheet. I’ll be your personal guide, showing you how to find meaning and direction from your worksheet responses.

4 – Prototype Your Career

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn about ways to investigate the career fields you identified as possible future paths. Doing this research is a key step to learn more about different jobs and to evaluate how well that job might suit you.

5 – Articulate Your Career Vision

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn a framework for communicating what type of job you’re looking for and why you’re a great fit for that job. Being able to clearly articulate your career vision will help you as you network and interview your way into your next job.

Cost: $79.00



Charting Your Course Back To Work is just what you need to stop procrastinating and get started on the path to achieving your career goals. In order to be successful finding a job, you must know what you’re looking for!

I’ve spent years coaching women to successfully restart their careers. We always start with setting the right direction. This is the process I use with my private coaching clients, available for the first time in a digital course.


Charting Your Course Back to Work is for you if you’ve been out of the paid workforce for a time (it doesn’t matter how long!) and you’re ready to restart your career. Looking for a job after a career break requires a different kind of job search and everything we do is geared toward getting you back to work.

If you are considering different options as you restart your career, or are simply unsure of exactly where to plug back into today’s paid workforce, this is the course that will lead you step-by-step through the process of finding your direction and getting started on the next chapter in your career.


FAQ #1: What is included in this course?

The Charting Your Course Back to Work digital course includes 5 modules that are broken down into 6 videos to walk you through the process step by step. There is also a worksheet that I’ll walk you through in module 2. We’ll refer back to this worksheet throughout the course.

FAQ #2: Why invest in a digital course when I could just start applying to jobs?

The success statistics on job-seekers who get hired from blindly applying online to jobs are pretty abysmal! I want you to use your job-searching time wisely and to be successful restarting your career in a job that excites you. The time you invest in finding the right path for you will pay off in spades. You’ll be a focused job seeker, looking for work that matches up to your skills – and this will increase your odds of success.

FAQ #3: Is this course really for women like me who haven’t worked in many years?

It sure is! In fact, you are exactly who I build this course for! I think being a mom is the most important job you’ll ever have, so I want to help women have the flexibility in their lives to take a career break if they want to and to then be able to return to the paid workforce. Setting your direction is the first step, and this course will help you find the direction you need to get started.

FAQ #4: How much time will this course take?

This course includes 6 short videos and one in-depth worksheet for you to complete. Expect to spend about 2-3 hours to go through this course and come out with a direction for your career restart. Module 3 includes a reflection exercise that that will take some time to do properly. How much time you spend on it is up to you, and I hope you’ll invest enough time on this course to get the full benefit. 

FAQ #5: Do I need an advanced level of technology skills to complete this course?

Nope! I’m here to make this as easy as possible and complicated technology really isn’t my thing! You’ll go through modules 1-5, watching videos and completing exercises. You’ll just press play on videos and open up documents to see the worksheet. It’s easy-peasy!

FAQ #6: When and how can I purchase this course?

Click below to purchase the Charting Your Course Back to Work digital course. Don’t worry – if you buy the course, you own it forever and you can do it on your own time and at your own speed.

FAQ #7: Is there a refund policy?

If you complete the course and have completed every exercise but did not gain any clarity on potential future , I will refund your money. But I’m very certain that, given my years of experience as a career coach, I can successfully guide you through this process so I don’t anticipate you having any problem with it.