Jamie is the daughter of legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano and she’s got a fantastic story to share. Jamie has wonderful insight to share about adapting her dad’s practice of clearly defining a mission for their life and then going after it. She gets personal about identifying what her unique gifts are and deciding on a path for her life that put those gifts to good work. It wasn’t easy, either – Jamie has faced her own battle with cancer, been through a divorce and is the mother of a child with special needs.
I was so inspired by her journey and loved the honesty and candor she puts into telling her own story. I can practically guarantee that after you listen to this episode you’ll grab your own notecard and put an amazing vision for your life down in writing. And once it’s written down, it will be hard to stop you from achieving all that you are destined to achieve!

Find Jamie Valvano at JamieValvano.com

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